Thursday, 8 October 2009

Dear Local Bus Company

dear local bus company,

i have been sympathetic to your stike action as long as i can.  now that it's over, i have a few things to say to you. 

first off, you have a monopoly in this town.  you already charge us, your customers, more than we would pay anywhere else in the country.  and yet you strike for more money?  and put us at an inconvenience by your lack of service?  that hardly seems to be targeting the right group.

secondly, you are never on schedule, even when you are supposedly running on schedule.  i cannot tell you how many times i've waited half an hour or more for a bus that is supposed to come every ten minutes, just to see three go back literally bumper to bumper in the opposite direction.  what the hell? 

thirdly, why do you think it's okay to leave people standing at the bus stop, when they are obviously waiting for you?  under the shelter, at the curb, tickets out... and you whizz on by.  even after making eye contact.  at 10pm.  with only one other bus due after that.  not cool, driver.  really, not cool.

fourth, why do you cut the only fare i use (a student day pass) with no warning?  i bought it one day;  the next day i ask for it and am told you don't sell them.  what the hell?  i just bought one yesterday, and no one mentioned they were being discontinued.  no signs on buses.  no notice on the website.  nothing.  now i have to pay full fare, or buy a weekly/monthly/yearly pass?  give me a break.  you suck. 

luckily for me, i don't often need you.  and believe me, i won't be giving you any of my money any more than i absolutely have to.  you have lost this occasional customer.  i hope that's the outcome you were hoping for with your strike action. 

on my own two feet

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Smelly Cat

oh, sure.  it's funny when phoebe sings about it on friends.  and sure, it's funny when it's someone else who is complaining about it.

i am SO TIRED of these damn cats stinking up the flat.  it's not a big flat;  their stench permeates every inch of it. 

perhaps if they were mine, it would be different.  but they aren't.  they come with the flat, and belong to K.  so not only do i have to deal with shedding cat hair on every inch of every surface, and their yowling night and day because they think they are starving to death if they don't have treats in their bowls, and their claws tearing everything to shreds, and them pestering me to death for attention all. the. time, and them being constantly underfoot no matter where i go, and having to feed and clean their litterbox when K is gone...

as if all that weren't enough, they stink.  big time.  perhaps it's cheap litter.  perhaps it's overeating.  perhaps it's my sensitve nose.  but i don't care.  there are times when i have to cover my nose with my shirt because they reek so damn bad. 

and THEN they come in the lounge, drag-assing their way around the loveseat or the rug.  don't bring your stench in here.  and stop scratching your ass where i relax! 

i hate indoor pets right about now.