Sunday, 13 September 2009


i love surprises.  i don't want to know what gifts you've gotten me until i open them-- on the occasion, and not before.  i love parties i don't know about in advance.  i love running into people that i didn't expect to see.  and getting someting in the post that i didn't order or expect?  brilliant. 

i love surprises.

okay.  i love GOOD surprises. 

is there a word for a bad surprise?  a shock, perhaps?  or being startled?  or... i don't know.  something else?

yesterday, i got a bad surprise.  it's not the first time.  sadly, it happens a good bit.  my flatmate's boyfriend showed up for the weekend.  which is fine, really. i don't mind him;  i just would like to know that he'd coming before the buzzer sounds.  is that too much to ask?

i can sometimes guess when he might be coming.  K (my flatmate) will stock up the fridge (which never happens otherwise, as K rarely eats anything here but ready-meals).  and clean like crazy.  and be home on a Saturday.  usually K works all weekend (or is at least somewhere other than here... i haven't actually asked if it's work or not).  so i'm pretty used to being on my own all weekend.  lazying around on the sofa in my pyjamas, watching tv, playing online, whatever.  not doing the dishes til sunday night, so they are at least done by the time K gets back on monday.  typical stuff like that.

but yesterday, K comes home from work in the afternoon.  and stays, instead of rushing off again as per usual.  and then...  buzzzzz.  someone is wanting to be let in.  damn it.  thankfully this time, they had plans for the theatre, so i still ended up with the flat to myself last night.  but once they were back, it was third wheel time for me.  so i went to bed early.  not that it made any difference. 

when i went to get up and ready for church this morning, the bathroom was occupied.  i waited and waited and waited... but to no avail.  by the time they were both ready (after extended baths or showers or what have you), it was too late for me to get ready and walk the thirty minutes or so to church.  bah.  so i went back to bed until they left.  and now i'm sitting here wondering when they'll be back, because i didn't bother to shower or get dressed.  no point in going out now.  still in my pjs. 

i guess i'll just retreat to my room again when and if they return.  and wish that next time, K would give me a little warning before the boyfriend comes over.  it's not him being here that bothers me;  it's the very bad surprise of not being prepared for company til he's here. 

grrrrr.  i hate those kind of surprises.  why can't i just get a little hint ahead of time?  is that so hard?