Friday, 26 February 2010


~ don't sit on the end seat of an otherwise empty row if you don't want to have to move to let people in to sit down.  seriously.  you can't get annoyed about that-- it was your own damn choice.

~ why is it that people think they can rearrange the times set for meetings, classes, etc on a whim-- and expect people to be able to shuffle the rest of their schedules around at just a few minutes'  notice?  it's not that easy, people.  i understand last minute problems, but dang.  i can't just skip everything else in my day so that you can be an hour late.

~ i thought about doing the 'rants and raves' meme, but i've got nothing to rave about.  it's all rants.

~ the days are getting noticeable longer.  yay.  but it is still colder than hell here.  yes, for me, hell would be cold.  hot i could handle.

~ why is it that everyone insists on telling me, 'oh, of course you can. don't be silly' when i say i feel like i can't do something?  like something feels impossible?  i know that technically it can be done, and i know that logically, based on my history and my make-up and all that jazz that it CAN be done.  but what i feel doesn't match that.  you don't make me feel better by pooh-poohing my feelings about it.  just sympathise and let me get it out.  encourage me later, after you've taken my concerns seriously.  sheesh.

~ i really miss diet sundrop.  nothing like that exists where i am.

~ i really like kirkyards.  graveyards.  cemetaries.  does that make me creepy?

~ i haven't called or spoken to my parents since thanksgiving.  does that make me a bad child?

~ this is kind of fun.  getting out all my random thoughts feels good.

~ why do academics so often have to be such douchebags?  i mean, really.  yes, you're smart, and yes, you've put in your time, but dang.  that doesn't mean you are always the only one right, and it sure doesn't mean that i'm an idiot because i've not reached your level yet.  get over yourselves, academics!

~ i want to be a stay-at-home.  not anything particular after that;  just a stay-at-home.  too bad no one pays for that kind of life...

Monday, 22 February 2010

share the space!

seriously, people... do you have to take up the entire pavement?  can't the three of you scrunch together, or walk single file, so the rest of us don't have to go in the street to get around you, or slow down to your drunken high-heeled crawl? 

i just don't understand this.  it's bad enough when i get stuck behind people-- but i do understand that they can't see me.  of course, they should move a bit when they realise i'm trying to squeeze past, but still.  it's still rude, but it's not nearly as bad as when they are walking towards me.  four of them, spread out across the entire pavement.  and not one of them makes a move to clear some space for those of us going the other way.  c'mon!  really?  you jerks can't move just a tiny wee bit so i can get through?  apparently not.

today, though, it was the drunk man and woman (this was just after 1pm) who were staggering their way along.  sometimes they were making out as they walked (very crookedly).  sometimes they were holding hands and each weaving in a different direction.  sometimes they were pushing each other away, and covering who-knows-what distance and part of the pavement.  i actually did have to step into the street--into oncoming traffic-- to not just get around but get away.  they were a menace, and an annoying one, at that.

it's rude, people.  just some common courtesy here for your fellow walkers.  that shouldn't be too much to ask, even when you are blitzed out of your mind.  damn.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

why i hate undergrads

i am a student.  still.  i have been a student for the vast majority of my life.  and a typically straight a student at that.  an occasional b here and there, and sometimes less (though i would generally say those were either classes i didn't care anything about, or there were other factors, like illness).  but i am a nerd.  a student through and through.  i know how to play the academia game, and play it well. 

right now, in addition to being a student, i work for students.  i take notes in classes for them.  not just anyone, mind you.  it's through the disability services, and it pays very well.  and i get to sit in random classes, which are often quite interesting and nothing i would ever have had the chance to learn about otherwise. 

i'm damn good at my job.  the students who get my notes are more than lucky-- they are blessed.  they have absolutely no reason for not doing well.  if they fail, it's their own fault. 

so tell me, mr second year undergrad, why is it exactly that you think you had to meet with me in person to tell me what you expect from me, your notetaker?  i was polite to your face and all, but inside i was scoffing.  worse than scoffing, actually.  i could not believe that you thought you should tell me how to do my job.  my job, that i am damn good at.  that i have never had one single complain in five years, and many, many thanks and compliments.  that i have been doing for myself for most of my life-- which is no short amount of time. 

seriously?  you, a second year undergrand, know better than me how to take notes in class?  really? 

*rolls eyes* 

i'm sorry you've had bad experiences with notetakers in the past.  you don't have to worry about that from me.  and now that you've met me in person to instruct me in what i need to do *rolls eyes again*, could you please stop emailing me every. freaking. day?  what the flip do you think that will accomplish?  besides, it's not like you have anything to complain about the notes i've sent you.  you just want to make sure i'm going to show up.  as if i've missed a class yet.  dude.  relax. 

and give me a little credit.  i'm a grown up.  i'm paid to do this.  and i'm a grade-a number one nerd.  damn.  back off, bucko.