Sunday, 23 May 2010

waste of my time

there's this guy who is in my department at uni.  he was here to do a masters two years ago, was home a year, and now is back to do a phd.  was back.  something. 

anyway.  i've met him twice, i think.  his supervisor is my supervisor.  he's... socially awkward, to put it nicely.

so he's sent me a friend request on facebook this week. 

for the third time. because the other two times, he deleted his account.  and then recreated it.  with a different name.  out of worries of identity theft. 

seriously?!  you're putting things on facebook that will get your credit stolen and stuff?  whatever.

so i'm not sure whether to even bother responding to this friend request or not.  because it's not like i know and like him;  it was just out of common courtesy for being in the same place at the same time.  i don't really want to get to him any better, either. 

and besides.  he'll just delete this account in a month or so, and in a few more months make another, and request my friendship.  again. 


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

flatmate complaint

i generally really like my flatmate.  but sometimes, i want to say, 'one of these days, k... pow!  to the moon!'

this is one of those days.

k is out of town.  for a week.  which is great for having the flat to myself.  i love that. 

it's not so great when k left all kinds of gross and grody dishes from cooking and stuff, unwashed.  for me to do, i guess.  what a nice gift. 

and also not great when i can't lift the rubbish out of our bin, but less heave it into the big bin outside... especially when k empties the litterboxes in there a couple of times.  that junk is heavy.  so i'm gonna be stuffing in as much rubbish as i can, and leaving the damn bin for k to clear upon return. 

another thing.  leaving laundry clogging up the washer and dryer.  and hanging all over the flat.  when there was a full week to get it done beforehand.  so now, i'm left dealing with k's laundry just so i can deal with mine. 

if i were to leave any of these kinds of things undone while i went away for a week, boy, would i hear about it!  but since it's k's flat, it's just expected that i deal with it.  which is unfair, really.  i pay my rent, and i'm not here to be a maid or slave of any sort. 

it just works out that way most of the time.  grrrr!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

flat-block woes

there are six flats in my building.  all of them owned by a different person.  some of them lived in by the owners, many of them just rented.  this makes it very, very hard to get anything done at the 'communal' level. 

like our front door. it's old and filthy and doesn't lock/unlock very well. 

and our intercom system.  it's never worked since i've been here.  so if you buzz me, i can either just let you in and hope you are someone who is supposed to be here... or i ignore you and don't let you in.  because i can't call down to see who it is.  either i can hear you and you can't hear me, or you can hear me and i can't hear you, or (nearly all the time) neither one of us can hear anything.  so if i'm not expecting anyone, don't bother buzzing. 

besides, the buzzer often doesn't even sound up here.  or it gets stuck and just keeps buzzing.  so really, you're better off just texting me to let you in, if you are an actual person i know and like. 

then there's the back garden.  oh my life, this is travesty.  i've been here for nearly six years, and it has never once been tended.  i went down to try and get it sorted so we can hit the pinata tomorrow at my party, but noooo.  it's thigh high in most places, and not with just weeds and grass but with reeds and small trees.  it'll take a bushhog to get it sorted.  and the parts that are just weeds and might be able to be mowed (if the mower i only just found out we have actualy works, which is debatable since it's been sitting in the cupboard in the stairwell for more than five years) is all covered with piles of bracken and branches and vines that were trimmed at some point and just left there.  why bother to cut stuff if you aren't going to move it out of the way?!  and i don't have a car or any way to get rid of it.  i want to be able to use my garden this year... but noooo.  that seems like a losing battle.  hmph. 

maybe i just need to take the initiative and figure out a way to sort some of these.  except the intercom.  that's too dang expensive.  the garden, at least.  and maybe cleaning the front door and the stairway.  am i nice enough to do that?  we'll see, i suppose. 

Saturday, 1 May 2010


friend, i am glad you've discovered doctor who and are loving it so far.  in some ways, you are lucky to be coming in with the newest regenerated doctor eleven, because you don't have to deal with the heartbreak of getting to know and love one just to have them change.  and yet, you are totally missing out as well, because that's part of what makes the doctor--his past incarnations, companions, and adventures. 

so don't think that you, the new viewer, are the reason this show keeps going.  and that you are the best because you are fresh to it and discovering baddies and goodies and other things for the first time that we've known for years.  you are not the reason this show keeps going.  i am. 

me and millions of people who have been following the doctor through time and space for all our lives are.  those of us who grew up fearing the daleks and cybermen, who know the quirks and outfits of all eleven, who have gotten every silly pop-culture reference that pops up in random places all the time.  we're the ones who know and love the doctor, and who keep him alive.  us. 

not you.

welcome to the family, though.  just realise that you are the baby, and you have a lot to learn.  and when this doctor finally regenerates, you'll understand a little more.  but until then, enjoy the show and shut your trap.