Sunday, 1 November 2009

could you make it any more difficult?

if you are going to ask someone to do you the favour of bringing your car to pick you up at the airport, there are a few things you should not do.

first, don't make it so difficult for me to get your keys.  especially when you already live a 40 minute walk or an expensive bus ride away.  and when you have three housemates who won't leave the keys out for me, so that i have to mess up  my lazy saturday earlier than i would like so that i can meet them somewhere in town to get them.  not to mention all the fuss trying to arrange even that with them.

second, don't leave your tank on empty.  it makes me nervous as to whether i'll even make it to the airport in the first place, and that's not nice.  and there is no way i'm going to fill your tank for you. 

third, leave a rag in your car if it is prone to fogging up inside.  it took me forever to get all the water off the inside.  gross. 

at least bringing me goodies back makes up for a wee bit.