Saturday, 28 January 2012

They Are... The Most Interesting Couple Alive

or so they obviously think. 

i went with a friend (whose husband is out of town) to a wine and snacks get-together with a new couple in her neighbourhood.  actually, it's the woman who lives in the neighbourhood.  the man lives elsewhere.  but that's another story.  or, actually, part of this story, but that comes later.

anyway.  it was my friend c, me, and this couple.  they were nice, and served all the wine we could drink (i only had two glasses, though they gladly would have kept pouring me more), and we were there til nearly one a.m. 

mostly because they just never. stopped. talking.  about themselves.  constantly. 

it was quite funny to me, to be honest.  i mean, i know i've done some cool and impressive things--i've lived great places, holidayed in amazing global spots, achieved academic success and rankings, all kinds of interesting stuff.  but i don't think i'm all that cool.  i've had some cool experiences, and i've loved them.  but it doesn't make me any more or less interesting than other people.  well, maybe a little more than some people, but not just by default.  everyone has interesting things they've done, and everyone has entertaining stories to tell, and everyone has something to contribute to a conversation. 

not with this couple, though.  they are the coolest people they've ever met, and no matter what else you might have done, it's only interesting to them for about three mintues.  after that, it's back to them.  because they are...the coolest people alive.  ever.  and they want to make sure that you hear all about every thing they've ever done or thought.  repeatedly. 

for instance.  'when we lived in chicago'... 'when we visited bermuda'... 'when we went to her high school reunion'... 'when we were so drunk we'... on. and on. and on. 

they've been dating for more than a decade.  years.  that's a pretty long time.  'it's either the best one-night stand, or the worst one-night stand, depending on your perspective,' she says, 'because it just keeps going, forever.'  honestly?  that just doesn't make sense to me.  at some point, you either say 'let's spend our lives together' and move in or get married (i personally lean toward the latter, but i respect that some people do not) or you say 'this has been fun, but...'   apparently, fun is enough for them.  they both own their own homes, and have no intention of moving in together.  they move where the other moves, as far as jobs allow (which is how they wound up here, where i am).  they consider each other's family their family (to a degree... i'm not sure he likes being grandpa to her kid's kid, because he's not that old, really).  they do pretty much everything together.  except make any kind of commitment.  i honestly just don't get it.  but they think that's part of what makes them so cool. 

that, and they drink like fishes, even at ages where drinking like a college student is no longer all that attractive (if it ever is, to be fair).  they have more stories about dumb things they've done under the influence than i've heard in a long time.  like driving 110 mph on the highway, but it was okay because they had a state trooper friend along.  they have nice professional jobs, and they are nice professional people-- except for the partying.  i like a drink, don't get me wrong-- but i'm not at all interested in getting drunk on a regular basis.  or ever, honestly.  apparently, though, that's another part of what makes them so cool.  

i dunno.  i liked them okay, i guess.  there wasn't anything to particularly dislike.  they weren't arrogant or rude, they were funny and friendly and all that.  it was just... i had to laugh, to myself.  my friend c got to talk more than i did, which was fine, because she's the one who met them and got the invite.  i was her plus one, since her husband wasn't in town.  but still.  even she didn't get to speak much.  because they find themselves too terribly amazing.  i think i spoke for all of ten minutes total the whole night, which lasted about five hours.  that's got to be some kind of record for me. 

i'm all for good self-esteem and loving your life.  but i'm also for getting to know other people and sharing your lives together.  apparently for them, that means other people listening to them share. 

at least there was wine.