Saturday, 11 February 2012


every week mrs4444 hosts 'friday fragments' over on half-past kissin' time.  this week, i'm joining in (a day late, naturally). 

~ i hate wet peanut butter.  just lick the knife before you leave it in the sink. otherwise it gets all white and... ugh.  gross.

~ i can't find the first book (uk version) of my harry potter series.  all the others were packed together, and my list says that one was with them. but it's not.  where in the hell is it?!

~ sometimes i can't help myself;  i just have to say it:  i love u2.  seriously.

~ i am already tired of all the hoopla that surrounds every election we have these days.  it's not even the politicians themselves (though i'm less than impressed with any of the potential choices on any side, thus far).  it's all the people who get so self-righteous, so condescending, so hateful to anyone who doesn't agree with them.  that's the point of having a democracy-- not everyone has to agree on every single issue.  we all get a say, and we all are allowed our opinions.  that does not make yours any more valid than mine, thankyouverymuch.  so shut up already, jerk.

~ the scent of white rain unscented hairspray takes me back to jr. high summer church camp.  but i've always thought it odd that things are called 'unscented' when they obviously have a scent. 

~ why in the world would someone hire a profession to do something, and then not let them do it?!  there's probably a post on that alone, coming soon...

~ i am so annoyed that the only rbs six nations rugby match to be shown by bbc america this weekend was postponed due to bad weather in france.  actually, i'm not annoyed about the weather; they can't help that.  i'm annoyed that it too bbcam a good half an hour to mention anything about it.  i spent that time wondering why in the world they were still showing reruns of 'top gear'. 

~ i think that's all i've got for now. 


Doreen said...

Welcome to FF! Don't worry I am always late too. I am so with you on the election stuff uggghhh. I wrote a post about it on It is called Lets free our minds.
Hope to see your fragments next week!!

Amie V said...

thanks, doreen!