Friday, 24 February 2012


it's the time of the week to unload all the little things that aren't blog-filling on their own.  but here, the whole is definitely greater than its parts.  friday fragments, from half-past kissin' time!  (click on over there to link up and join in, if you aren't already a part of the movement.  we're taking over the world!  or at least the blogosphere...)

~ the title of this post is actually one of my favourite curse words (mild one, of course) from one of my favourite series of books-- the pern novels, by the late anne mccaffrey.  some of them are better than others, and they go on for ever and ever, but i love the characters.  and the language.  and the dragons.  obviously.

~ the iron in my hotel room doesn't work.  at least, i thought it didn't work.  turns out, the dial is just wonky.  when it's pointed to 'rayon', it's off.  when it's pointed to 'acrylic', it's on high.  and unless it's on high, any water in the steam chamber just streams out of the holes.  not very nice.  i figured it out in the end, at least.

~ why, oh why am i such a procrastinator?!  i wanted to go on an adventure today, since it's my last full day on my sorta-close-to-the-beach holiday.  but no.  i have an application due on monday, and i have to finish my cv, my personal statement, request my transcripts, and ask people to write letters of recommendation.  luckily those last two don't actually have to arrive by monday.  i don't think.

~ i don't even really want that job.  i just feel like i have to apply.  is it wrong to hope i get offered it, and get offered something i want more so i can turn it down?  i'd much prefer that to not being offered it.  i get that way too much these days as it is.

~ i gave up talking about people in negative ways for lent.  on the third day, this is already proving to be harder than i thought.  i'm not so good at keeping my mouth shut.  i'm also not sure that i'm willing to include this blog in that... what else would i talk about here?  a girl has to vent, right?

~ i know it's a security issue, and i'm not an idiot, but i wish the windows in my hotel room could be opened.  it's been absolutely gorgeous out, but i've had to sit inside and not experience it, because i'm tied to my laptop for getting all this job application stuff done.  at least i would have liked to enjoy the breeze, the smell of the storm, all that good stuff.  but nooooo.  stupid security.

~ honestly, wendy's-- if it's not chocolate, it's not a frosty.  full stop.  stop asking me what flavour i want when i order a frosty.

~ you know those thingys that you use to poke the little triangle holes in the can of hershey's syrup or sweetened condensed milk?  what are those called?  they aren't really can openers, or bottle openeres.  they're more like hole-pokers.  and they do not work very well for opening a can of tuna.  did that yesterday.  or rather, mangled that yesterday.

~ i really like doing daily pages over at 750words.  i already keep a *real* journal, but doing this first thing in the morning helps me get my brain going and stuff.  and you get badges for being awesome and writing and stuff.  you should check it out.  you might love it, too.

~ that's all i have for now, i think.  i need to get to working on my stupid application stuff.  the quicker i get some of that done, the quicker i can spend friday night at the beach!  happy friday, y'all.


Mrs. Forsberg said...

You wanna hear something really funny, Amie? I didn't realize this was your blog until I was almost finished. It was interesting reading your fragments and thinking to myself, "Who is this person with the dark inside? Do I know this person?" The black background threw me.

Oops. Gotta come back lunch is over!

AM said...

The little pinty thing you speak of is called a church key. I do not know why but that is what it is called.

viridian said...

Am beat me to it: a church key.
Not speaking negative about people = being very quiet for me

bill lisleman said...

came by via FF - I didn't know Anne McCaffrey had passed away. I delivered some dragon drawings to her once back in 1990 or so. I didn't get actually meet her but talked to her on the phone while I was in Ireland. So strange the things I come across while blog reading.

Wayne W Smith said...

Just remember it is easier to get a job when you have one already.