Wednesday, 22 February 2012

hotel complaints

largely, this place is okay. but i can always complain...

the curtains, for instance, don't actually come all the way to the bottom of the window.  so the parking lot lighting, the walkway illumination, the sun--everying comes right in and makes itself at home.  especially where it bounces off the top of the shiny a/c unit.

the good room i was first given (bigger, with better stuff in it, like a full size fridge!) didn't get wi-fi.  if i stood right outside the door, i could pick up one bar.  once inside, nada.  the crappier room has good wi-fi, though, so i took it. 

having an 'efficiency' suite with a microwave so small even a tv dinner only fits in on an angle is less than helpful.  same with having a fridge that has not a single bit of freezer space.  even my dorm fridge was better than that! 

all the supplied glasses are juice size.  really?  i have to refill them constantly. 

housekeeping shortsheeted the bed.  i had to practically remake it to get the sheet and blanket to come up even to my chin.  that's just too much work when you arrive already tired and ready for sleep.

the fitness centre windows open out on to the parking lot and main road-- a major us highway.  not really very encouraging me to go and use the elliptical with all the world watching me. 

the staff and other guests apparently think it's okay to stand on the walkways outside the rooms and yell to each other across the parking lot, pool area, etc.  even early in the morning or late at night.  really?  because we all want to hear your conversation.  yeah, right. 

because the shower curtain is on one of those bowed out rails, to give the illusion of more space in the tub, it means there is actually a pretty big gap.  either i flood the floor on one side, or the other-- there is no way of covering both sides.  either get a straight rod, or buy a bigger curtain, people. 

they gave me two little bottles of washing up liquid, but no dishcloth or sponge or anything.  i'm using a spare washcloth.  similarly, there is no drying rack or tea towel-- i end up stacking the wet dishes on the edge of the counter til i have them all washed, then dry them with an extra hand towel.  *sigh*

that's all  i can thin of just now.  there might be more later. 

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