Wednesday, 22 February 2012

that's just rude pool behaviour

for instance:  taking up two seats when the rest of the seating area is full and someone is standing there looking for a seat is just rude.  you don't need to have your stuff on one that someone else's bum could be on.

why sit on the only steps in and out of the hot tub, when there are both people in it who will want out, and people out of it who want in?  then we have to just scramble around, and that's not nice.  and in my case, not pretty-- my fat rolls and other larger-ness was on way too much display, thankyouverymuch.

plus, ordering pizza for delivery at a full pool is not kind.  unless you share, which they didn't.

also, you simply should not cannonball into a small pool when you are a very large man and there are people sitting around reading in the tiny area full of chaises.  they obviously didn't want to get their bodies or their books soaked, you jerk.

ah, holidays.  gotta love 'em.  pffft. 

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